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Announcement No.15丨关于严防境外疫情经陆路水路输入的通告
发布时间:2020年04月01日 14:38:07  来源: 云南网

Announcement on Preventing Imported COVID-19 Casesvia Road and Waterway

Announcement No. 15

Command of Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and People’s Government of Yunnan Province


In view of the rapid spread of COVID-19 pandemic across the world, the following arrangement is hereby made to prevent imported cases via road and waterway.

1. All non-essential movement of people shall be strictly controlled in border areas. Closed-off and grid-based management shall be applied to all the villages/communities, towns, and counties along the border, and entry of visitors to the above-mentioned places shall be strictly controlled. The general public are encouraged to report those who enter Yunnan illegally.

2. People of the third country shall be prohibited from entering Yunnan via land ports. The issuance of travel documents for entry/exit through border, and travel across the border shall be suspended.

3. All Chinese citizens, including border inhabitants, shall be temporarily prohibited from traveling abroad via land or river ports, or boundary passages. For the purpose of engaging in foreign aid, foreign investment, technical assistance, or emergency medical assistance, the dispatching organizations or companies shall submit a written application annexed with the name list to the command of inter-agency mechanism of the place where the port is located in advance. The people on the name list shall be allowed to exit in group upon approval.

4. All people of neighboring countries (border inhabitants included) shall be discouraged to enter Yunnan via land or river ports, or boundary passages. People entering Yunnan from neighboring countries shall be placed under 14-day quarantine at designated centers at the port of entry and receive nucleic acid test, and all the costs incurred shall be at their own expense. If conditions permit, the inbound travelers who voluntarily receive nucleic acid tests twice and IgG/IgM test once at their own expense shall be discharged for home quarantine for 7 days after 7-day quarantine at designated centers, provided that all their three tests are negative.

5. All inbound Chinese citizens shall declare health conditions by either filling in the Exit/Entry Health Declaration Form of the People’s Republic of China, or using the WeChat micro programs of China Customs Pocket Declaration or Yunnan Health QR Code. People with fever (body temperature ≥37.3 ℃) or respiratory symptoms shall be transferred to designated medical institutions for quarantine.

6. International road transport shall be strictly managed to ensure unimpeded goods delivery. Cross-border transportation shall be conducted in segments and subject to closed-loop management that separates goods from the deliverers after entry. Drivers of foreign freight vehicles shall unload their goods in the port of entry, and depart on the same day. The Chinese freight vehicles will be taken over by registered local drivers at the port for the subsequent transfer. The local transfer drivers shall be subject to regular nucleic acid testing (NAT) and movement restrictions.

7. Ports and boundary passages shall be strictly managed. A total of 19 land ports (Houqiao of Baoshan Municipality, Hekou Road Port, Hekou Railway Port, and Jinshuihe of Honghe Prefecture, Tianbao, Dulong, and Tianpeng of Wenshan Prefecture, Meng’a and Mengkang of Pu’er Municipality, Mohan and Daluo of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Ruili, Wanding, Zhangfeng, and Nabang of Dehong Prefecture, Pianma of Nujiang Prefecture and Qingshuihe, Yonghe, and Nansan of Lincang Municipality) and 14 boundary passages (Diantan and Zizhi of Baoshan Municipality, Mangxin of Pu’er Municipality, Mandong, Mengman, Xinmin, and Manzhuang of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Nongdao, Leiyun, Lameng, Mangman, Zhongshan, and Manghai of Dehong Prefecture, and Mangka of Lincang Municipality) will be temporarily closed, except for freight traffic. The Guanlei Port and other passages will be temporarily shut down.
This Announcement shall take effect on the date of its issuance. In case of discrepancy, this announcement shall prevail.


  中共云南省委 云南省人民政府应对新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情工作领导小组指挥部

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